If a course you write up falls into the bracket of a CPD/Workshop course, generally a student will already hold a main qualification within the subject field as CPD or workshops are either top up knowledge/skills or add on knowledge/skills to their profession. Therefore, they will already hold insurance. Some training providers will advertise that it is up to the student to ensure they can gain insurance for the qualification before enrolling onto the course, or some training providers may have ensured that students can gain insurance via their own insurers. Certainly, having a course accredited will help with this. 

For CPD courses the training provider must ask students to have the relevant pre-requisites before acceptance onto the course.

For National Occupational Standard (NOS) courses, it is recommended that the training provider can get students insurance upon qualification. (See more information below).

Health and Wellbeing Sector

We can assist and guide you for insurance within the Health and Wellbeing sector when your course has been accredited. We recommend BGI.UK for anything Health and Wellbeing related.


CLICK HERE to see if your course subject/discipline is covered by BGI.UK. 

To gain insurance the insurers will need to see your course documentation, teaching plans, qualifications in the disciplines and teaching qualifications. With BGI.UK your training organisation will be listed on their website and students upon qualification can contact them for insurance.

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