How to Become Accredited

To get courses accredited we will require you to provide all the necessary documents that all training providers should have set in place as mandatory. These includes:

  • Student Induction document

  • Policy and Procedure document

  • Learning Difficulties form

  • I.T Support and Learner Communications document


Don’t worry if you don’t have these, we can supply templates for you to just add your business name to and edit where required.

All providers who are intending to teach, whether CPD courses or those in line with national occupational standards (NOS) must hold as a minimum a L3 Award in Education and Training.

If your intention is to teach qualifications in line with NOS then there should be an assessor and internal verifier involved for these courses. All applications for course accreditation approval for those in line with NOS must prove their course material is in line with the NOS criteria in both course content and teaching/assessing approaches.

For all course applications, you will be required to provide details of:

  • The course title and content

  • Staff involved and their appropriate qualifications to teach

  • Insurance cover/policy to teach

  • Learning materials provided i.e. coursework books, e-learning, manuals etc.

  • How your students will be assessed and proof of assessment documentation.


* We will supply you with a check list for everything you are required to provided based on what you wish to deliver i.e. CPD or NOS qualification courses.


Once we are in receipt of documentation, we will review your documents and contact you with our approval verdict. Those who create NOS courses will require a visit from one of our representatives.

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